For those in the know, David Delmar and his Resilient Coders have been busy working with some of Boston’s traditionally excluded communities and bringing them into the world of technology, to encourage them to thrive in high growth careers as software engineers, and connecting them with jobs.

The Resilient Coders story has been a resounding success to date, but the work David and his team have done so far is simply the tip of the iceberg. Having placed numerous beneficiaries into employment and guided many more through training, the organization is keen to grow their network, both in terms of technology businesses and entrepreneurs, and of course those looking to access the Resilient Coders service.

Working together, Yotme and Resilient Coders believe that they can leverage the organization’s already successful events based strategy by using Yotme’s Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform to understand more about the people they are reaching and further enhance the experience of those accessing Resilient Coders programs as well as those who support the organization.

Yotme and Resilient Coders kick off their partnership with the forthcoming Board Games Night #BGN event held at WeWork’s South Station Venue. Everyone is welcome at the event, where attendees can enjoy some relaxed networking over a game of Settlers of Catan, Race to the Galaxy and many more. Suggested donations range from $5-$100 with registration including drinks and snacks with the remaining proceeds going directly to Resilient Coders.

Of the partnership, Resilient Coders Founder David Delmar says “We believe in social justice through economic empowerment, and in the opportunity for meritocracy in tech. Resilient Coders isn’t about one-off camps or hackathons, it is about meaningful change and to do that we need to reach out to more people that we can bring into our network and that’s why a partnership with Yotme makes so much sense.”

“It appears that as organizations, Resilient Coders and Yotme think in very similar ways. In fact what immediately made me sit up and take notice of Yotme was the announcement of their Initial Philanthropic Offering (IPO). To me this is a fine example of what can be achieved when entrepreneurialism and technology combine to blur the demarcation between non-profit and for-profit business in the pursuit of impact. Watch this space, because ‘Yotme’ the platform is an undeniably valuable tool, but ‘Yotme’ the concept is transformative.”

Yotme founder and Boston Tech Entrepreneur Barry Hinckley launched his pioneering new “IPO” with the Boston Foundation early this year, in which he pledged up 10% of his company, to nonprofit organizations that partner with Yotme during its initial rollout. The launch of Yotme and the IPO was heralded as great news for 501(c)3 charities, such as Resilient Coders who get access to its invite, event marketing, ticketing, and Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform for free.

On the partnership with Resilient Coders Hinckley tells us that “I have been watching David’s work for some time now and as a fellow tech entrepreneur, fully support their cause and the work they are doing.

It is incredibly energizing to find another person and organization that feels strongly about doing something about our increasingly divided world. Like David, I want to create an intelligent network that brings people together and rewards them for positive social activity. By sharing our technology and growth with Resilient Coders, we believe we can nurture a community of people who strive to have a great time, while making friends and making the world a better place.”