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We value looking after our bodies and wellbeing as it boosts our confidence and makes us feel better. More and more, people are wanting to invest in themselves and Yotme can help you increase your client base by hosting exercise classes, seminars and more both in-person and virtually.

Yotme’s functionality is simple but comprehensive and allows you to deliver that professional look and feel to your clients. Try these following tools to help you stand out from the crowd:

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Giving you simple tools to run your health and fitness business

from anywhere in the world:


Yotme’s CRM is FREE to use! Manage fitness enthusiasts simply and successfully with event management, timed communications, budget management and attendee insights delivering an even bigger impact to your clients.


Our Virtual Venue allows you to easily host classes online meaning no need for third-party streaming so you can run your entire event from one easy to use platform. By hosting events online, you can reach a wider audience, deliver more attendee value, and drive more revenue.


Optimize Yotme’s event management capabilities and deliver a seamless experience to your clients on one easy platform, replacing the need for multiple platforms to host your events.

No studio costs = better returns...

Yotme’s CRM is FREE to use! We want you to maximize the most out of your events and so we like to keep our event costs low. We only take a small percentage fee for ticketing transactions and charge $1.99 per attendee for our Virtual Venue.

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Free sign up. No contract.
No licensing fees.

Attendees Pay:

  • Platform Fee – 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction
  • Please get contact us for Virtual Venue Pricing”> 

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