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From event planning and ticketing to attendee management and follow-ups - the most successful events utilize one platform to manage the process and build an understanding of your attendees. Yotme is that platform.

Barry Hinckley

Yotme CEO

A Simple Platform to Deliver Impactful Events

Yotme is used for:

Ticketing and Donations

Process, track, reconcile and manage tickets, packages, donations and silent auction transactions

Event Marketing

Manage contact lists, generate invites, and engage your supporters through outbound email, chat, event boards and notifications

Supporter Engagement

Enable your supporters to engage with you and other guests during and after events through email, chat, and event boards


Get real-time visibility into your event and your attendees for future event planning

Supporter Generated Events

Enable your supporters to host peer-to-peer and beneficiary fundraising events

Supporter Management

Communicate with and track notes, past activity, and communications

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    Yotme is FREE for brands. With the launch of premium features in 2021 offered as a SaaS model, Yotme charges 2.9% of ticket sales and silent auction sales plus $0.30 per transaction to the purchaser.

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    Yotme is FREE for nonprofits. Yotme charges up to 2.9% of ticket sales and silent auction sales plus $0.30 per transaction to the purchaser.

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    Yotme is free for agencies to sign up to and offers everything you need to run virtual, hybrid and in-person events successfully from ticketing, communications and guest management in our CRM virtual events, donations and silent auctions in our customer facing platform. 

    That means one platform to manage the events and supporters of all your clients. 

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Our technology adds symbiotic value to the 3 key stakeholders

Event Hosts, Sponsors and Attendees

Event Hosts

By connecting event and attendee data with our CRM we can help event hosts extend the life of their events, increase the impact of their marketing, and leverage attendee insights to attract relevant sponsors.


By connecting sponsors with existing events, Yotme saves them money and helps them engage with a more targeted consumer based on live data


By turning attendee data into actionable intelligence and matching events with sponsors, hosts can produce more impactful and personalized experiences.

Yotme Pricing

Free sign up. No contract.
No licensing fees.

Attendees Pay:

  • Platform Fee – 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction
  • For paid Yotme Virtual Venue events, attendees pay an additional $1.99 

The Host Pays:

  • Credit Card payment processing fee – 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction
  • For ‘free to attend’ Virtual Venue events, the host pays $1.99 per registration

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