*Would an app, by any other name, smell smell as sweet? Seriously. We’re asking cause we want to know…

Hours before Southern Charm (for the uninitiated it’s a reality show version of Downton Abbey—but with more “ya’lls” and less “blimeys!”), revealed that one of the characters was a Yotme investor… our team grimly realized that, just because our clique combining app would be mentioned frequently within one of Bravo’s top-rated reality shows’ storyline, doesn’t mean viewers were gonna find it via a cursory search on the worldwide web. Hell, there’s a similar sounding site out there called SuperYacht.me—which is probably where the program’s cast does their floating-party-palace shopping.

Our quick thinking digital guru, Christian Winthrop, quickly began flagging any possible Google misspellings so as to redirect them to our site! Disaster avoided. We hope? For the record: The “Yot” part of “Yotme” is a long forgotten verb which means “to unite closely”. Nice right? We’ll see. But sometimes a brand name, term or slogan can be too cute for its own good.

Faulty phonetics, similar sounding synonyms and straight up crappy spelling are all the enemy of an entrepreneur with a url that requires explaining. While the ole “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” mantra is highly debatable… this isn’t: Unknowingly giving free publicity to a completely different product, philosophy or movement… just kinda sucks.

Two thoughts on this…
#1 The Sites
Who Represents? Is a site that helps subscribing members of the media immediately find which publicist, agent, manager and…we don’t know…pet Chihuahua wrangler… works for whichever A, B, C or Pauly Shore-lister their outlets wanna profile. Great idea, right?

Unfortunately this is how the resulting url reads: whorepresents.com. Before we judge, lets at least see what the whore is presenting, you guys. And don’t get us started on the sadly departed search engine/transitioning-teacher, Experts Exchange, (expertsexchange.com); or the even MORE dearly departed design hub/unknowing-chili-eating-warner, Speed Of Art, (speedoffart.com). Here’s 27 more for your viewing displeasure.

#2 The Syntax
Indeed the “study of the rules for the forma4on of gramma4cal sentences in a language” will only get you so far when it comes to a search engine’s auto complete op4on.

Following our big Southern Charm debut, some viewers actually wrote on various show- related sites that our vaguely nautical-sounding app was some sort of planned mash-up between the aforementioned program and another Bravo’s show which focuses on horny employees within a $11 million luxury yacht titled Below Deck. With these lessons learned, we defiantly paraphrase the Sex Pistols one and only studio album and say never mind the bollocks, it’s NOT ‘Yachtme’, it’s NOT ‘Yacht Me’ and it’s certainly NOT ‘Yat Me’. It’s Yotme… Got it?

Good… Now carry on!