We all know that in 2020, New York was devastated by COVID-19. Doctors and nurses dedicated their time and risked their lives to try and save the thousands of people who were, and still are, affected by the virus. One of the healthcare facilities committed to this fight is Mount Sinai, an integrated healthcare system that provides exceptional healthcare to the local community.

In April 2020, some 40 days since New York had its first positive COVID-19 case, two entrepreneurs with huge hearts wanted to show these frontline healthcare workers some love and support. Barry Hinckley (Yotme, CEO) and Gregg Schenker (ABC Real Estate), along with the leading music venue in New York, Carnegie Hall, and its RE Council, brought together a first of its kind event, ‘Raising Mount Sinai’ – a virtual evening of music, designed to lift the spirits of frontline healthcare staff.

The event, organized in 10 days, brought together 13 musicians from all over the world, including legendary Jimmy Buffett, to perform a virtual concert dedicated to the real-life heroes risking their lives to save ours.

“They have shown their prowess in the care of patients, their resourcefulness in expanding space, their creativity in protecting staff, and their innovation in research. Above all, they have shown their perseverance in fighting this pandemic. To continue fuelling this progress, they need our support.”

Barry Hinkley, Yotme CEO

The Approach:

Quick event set-up: Yotme’s simple and easy-to-use interface allows events to be set up quickly and effectively creating a big impact and wow factor for supporters. From sign-up to on-sale in less than an hour.

Easy marketing options: With Yotme’s comprehensive platform, there are multiple opportunities to share events and make them discoverable for sponsors and donors. Share to social channels with a click of a button.

Event ticketing and donations: In a time where in-person events are not possible, Yotme allowed Raising Mount Sinai to deliver a seamless experience by having all event information delivered in targeted emails, ensuring that the event runs effortlessly. Donate there and then in our Virtual Venue without missing a moment of the event.


  • Less than 10 days from idea to execution of a meaningful and impactful event
  • +$100,000 raised
  • +370 new high-value supporters gained


In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, reacting quickly to the current situation was paramount in showing the community’s appreciation for the Mount Sinai frontline healthcare workers for the work that they are doing in the fight against COVID-19. Yotme facilitated the coming together of the local and wider community to show their support for this incredible healthcare facility.

With Yotme’s straightforward and easy-to-use platform, all the hard work is taken out of creating an event. Events can be set up in a matter of moments, allowing you to focus on the finer details and supporter relationships. Yotme’s comprehensive platform allows for uncomplicated and effortless hosting of both pre-recorded and live video in both panel-style presentations and video networking circles.

“On Behalf of Mount Sinai, thank you for creating the most beautiful concert to raise funds for the Covid-19 research and response efforts for the Mount Sinai frontline healthcare workers.”

Eileen Solomon, Director of Special Events, Mount Sinai Health System

Watch Raising Mount Sinai here.