We have learned so much in the last year about innovating to stay connected with supporters and raise funds to support nonprofit missions. As we start to make the move back to in-person and hybrid fundraising events, we can leverage what we have learned to make nonprofit fundraising even more successful.

Hybrid events offer great benefits for fundraising:

  • Organizations can reach more, and even new donors.
  • Supporters who can’t or don’t want to attend in person can participate.
  • In-person event expenses can be offset through virtual ticket sales.

But running a hybrid event is not the same as running an in-person event or a virtual event. There are logistical and technical considerations that need to be managed. And Yotme’s event management technology and virtual venue can help you do this. Our panel, hosted by Kev Khayat (Nonprofit Problem Solver) on Thursday, June 17th, 2021 raised some of the burning questions about making the move to hybrid and thanks to our amazing panelists; Jennifer Whitman, (Saphier Events), Nic DiBella (Stagedege) and Barry Hinckley (Yotme) we were able to get some of them answered.

Watch now: