Organizing fundraisers remains one of the best ways to gain supporters for your cause, keep donors invested and of course raise vital funds for your nonprofit. However, fundraising events can be a lot of work. And it’s easy for the expenses of venues, catering, and entertainment costing you more in revenue that you end up making. Therefore, it’s vital you get the most out of your event as possible.

In order to minimize costs, you will need to take a close look at your budget and technology can be a huge help. .

Here are some tips we think will help you maximize your next campaign:

Drive Ticket Sales – Early bird discounted ticketing prices allow people to commit as early as possible to your event. Multiple ticket tiers create options for people who want to support your cause but have different financial situations.

Capitalize on Multiple Ways to Give – Make it as easy for donors to give throughout your event. By offering more than one way to give, for example via donations and live and silent auctions, you can increase your revenue. Auctions are high-impact events giving people valuable items and experiences while supporting your cause..

Offer a Virtual Element – By turning your event into a hybrid event and allowing people to attend virtually and simultaneously, you can reach a wider audience, increase sponsorship options, deliver more attendee value, and drive more revenue.

Communicate Post Event – Stay connected with your supporters and ensure you have a strong follow-up strategy, taking the time to thank everyone and keep them in the loop about future events.

Use a CRM System – A CRM system is a great return on investment tool. It allows you to regularly communicate with your supporters and donors, offering useful reminders of when to attend and how to donate. A CRM system also helps you organize supporter data and manage budgets.

Yotme has been purpose built to support all of these needs with one system; ticketing, donations, silent auctions, donor management, and a real-time virtual streaming platform with open networking. We eliminate the need for multiple platforms such as Eventbrite, Zoom, One Cause and Raiser’s Edge, saving you time and money. And if you do already have a CRM system, your complete guest list and donor transactions can be exported for your supporter tracking. All of our features are free to nonprofits, allowing you to retain all of your fundraising revenue.

Interested in using our technology to increase your ROI and help make your next event a roaring success? Sign-up for Yotme for free today. With no contracts and no licensing fees, Yotme is a cost-effective way to up-tech and increase the impact of your events.