Find out how Love Serving Autism leveraged Yotme’s event management technology to successfully deliver engaging events simply and effectively to their vulnerable community.

Love Serving Autism (LSA) aims to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with autism through tennis. They provide a variety of tennis programs for all abilities offering structured activities for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Teaching tennis to these athletes helps them improve their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and communication. It also imparts valuable life skills that bring them confidence in their everyday life.

With 2020 moving us all to a more virtual world, and with vulnerable groups being urged to stay safe and remain at home during the pandemic, LSA wanted to be proactive in protecting these families while still offering them classes to keep their players engaged. To achieve their goal of reaching this community, they used Yotme’s platform to offer weekly virtual classes in addition to a fun and innovative glow-in-the-dark tennis class. This approach helped LSA reach the families that rely on them and allowed them to provide relief to new families during this difficult time.

“As the founder of a non-profit organization, partnering with Yotme has been an uplifting, refreshing experience because they provide first-class customer service and go above and beyond to care about our mission to better serve individuals with autism.”
– Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix

The Approach: 
Event ticketing: With Yotme’s comprehensive platform, the non-profit can deliver a seamless experience to their athletes and follow up with targeted emails.

Communication strategies made easy: Pre-set emails mean that LSA can include important information and links for each class but more importantly, track user engagement.

Measurable ROI: With all of LSA’s event information held centrally, Yotme’s CRM function can easily analyze their event’s success and turn attendee data into actionable marketing intelligence.

Increased engagement: LSA was able to have a positive impact on individuals with autism spectrum disorders not only in Florida but also in reaching new individuals in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and even as far as Canada!

Effective event management: As an effective event and relationship management solution, Yotme allowed LSA to be more productive and spend their money on delivering more targeted, engaging, and impactful experiences to their supporters.

In this uncertain time, the athletes that LSA supports desperately require structure in their lives and it was vital for LSA to adapt and continue to run their events virtually with ease and in a simple format. Yotme allowed LSA to get creative and stay in front of their supporters while also gaining new ones.

Yotme’s comprehensive platform allows for straightforward and effortless hosting. The simple yet powerful CRM platform replaces multiple digital systems and allows LSA to have everything an event needs all in one place. The result is successful events that allow non-profits to achieve the most out of them.

The community admired and loved this event, and it was even featured on Network News – watch the clip here.

Did you know?
By utilizing Yotme’s event management capabilities, nonprofits can host events through Yotme’s Virtual Venue and embed YouTube links to stream 4k quality video to attendees. This means no third-party streaming and ensures that the events run smoothly and effortlessly.