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Fashion and Beauty are a powerful alliance and are often seen as one and the same thing – making sure you take care of your hair and skin care is just as important as choosing what to wear. This industry is innovative and constantly changing, designed with empowerment and the feel-good factor in mind.  With both men and women indulging in life’s little luxuries this market is only expected to continue to rise.  

 Here at Yotme we can help you connect with your audience and provide you with the tools to produce high-quality content and measure success easily.  Try the following features to deliver immersive and innovative beauty trends to your consumers:


Host Beauty & Fashion Events

Giving you simple tools to run your beauty and fashion business

from anywhere in the world:


Yotme’s CRM is FREE to use!  Easily manage and retain customers through a wide range of attendee insights all on our comprehensive platform.  Benefit from our CRM that helps you to generate leads and keep your customers up to date with the latest trends through our timed communications feature.


Our Virtual Venue allows you to easily host product masterclasses, virtual sessions, networking events and more all online from one easy to use platform.  With no need for third-party streaming, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to reach customers far and wide, deliver more attendee value and drive more product revenue. 

Event Management

Looking to save money on your market strategy? Yotme’s professional event and relationship management tools are cost-effective and save you time planning your events.  All this gives you more time and money to focus on delivering the next beauty trends and deliver more targeted and engaging events to your consumers. 

Bringing beauty and fashion events to anyone, anywhere...

Yotme is FREE to use! We want you to maximize the most out of your events and so we like to keep our event costs low.

Host Beauty & Fashion Events

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Free sign up. No contract.
No licensing fees.

Attendees and Silent Auction Winners Pay:

  • Platform Fee – 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction
  • Please get contact us for Virtual Venue Pricing” 

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